Security For Delegations In Israel And Overseas

Bing Service is an expert in this field, operating the security of dozens of delegations.

In Israel and overseas, on various locations such as: Mykonos, Rome, Rhodes, London, Vienna, Stuttgart and Saint Tropez.

Bing Service handles every project of delegation security in Israel with attention to every detail.

The security plan for the delegation is built after receiving the exact schedule of the delegation, the number of participants and the locations.

The security plan takes the locations into consideration, which can lead to recommendations for an enhanced security.

The plan also includes a swift response for every security problem which can occur , and there are detailed scenarios for each event, even for a medical one.

In addition to the security detail , Bing Service provides in Israel additional services such as luxury and armored cars accustomed to the client’s demands , medical services, etc.

In case of a delegation that travels overseas , the company makes extensive arrangements.

A preliminary visit is held at the destination , and during that visit all the security risks are identified and defined.

The security plan is built in cooperation with the Israeli security officer in the destination and Bing Service accompany and manage the operation.

Security briefings ae held for the Israeli security detail , in order to enable them to identify the security risk in advance and respond immediately, such as changing the route to the location, changing the itinerary, etc.

Every guard in Bing Service delegations team served in the Israeli Security Agency  , and graduated a security detail training.

Some of our guards have European passports , allowing them to carry arms in Europe.

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