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About Bing Service

Bing Service founded by Gili Bing, counter-terror unit veteran who served in the Israeli Security Agency  and has a lot of experience in various Security services:

Aviation, VIP protection and diplomatic security in Israel and overseas.

The company was founded in 2003 , and provided security services to leading clients in the Israeli business sector.

Over the years Gili focused the company services and positioned it as a boutique security firm which specializes in security consulting and projects management and handles security services for luxury apartments,  private residencies , VIP protection, major events and delegations in Israel and overseas.

Bing Service is very discrete about the identity of its clients, Israel’s elite businessmen and state representatives from Israel and other countries around the world.

The company works closely with the Israeli Security Agency and other Israeli security forces.

Bing Service is at the spearhead of the world’s leading security technologies, we build and operate unique and advanced security arrays in high standards, utilizing top notch security means for the protection of our clients.

Each security project is accompanied  by a personal project manager from the beginning till completion.

Gili is involved personally in every project and arrives to the project’s location , to guide, advise and assist to the teams.

All of Bing Service employees are special forces veterans , who get recruited after a very meticulous process and go through a series of designated training in the company.

To be a part of Bing Service is like being a part of a big family.

Over the years , it was important for Gili to implement in the company and its employees the values that led him from the first day: Security, decency, fortitude and discretion.

These values guide the company and the employees in every project and professional challenge, enabling them to give the clients the best professional and personal service , and making it a leader in the field of high level, boutique security.

Gili Bing - Founder and director Of The Company