About Us

Bing Service founded by Gili Bing, counter-terror unit veteran who served in the Israeli Security Agency  and has a lot of experience in various Security services:

Aviation, VIP protection and diplomatic security in Israel and overseas.

The company was founded in 2003 , and provided security services to leading clients in the Israeli business sector.

Our Services

Event Security

Bing Service has 17 years of experience in Events security , the company operated hundreds of big and complicated events in Israel and overseas.

Bing Service provides security consulting and services for private residencies.
Our consulting services start in the early stage of the residence blueprint.

Bing Service provides top notch VIP protection services for its clients.
Our security plan is built together with the client through conduction of a vast research,

Bing Service is an expert in this field, operating the security of dozens of delegations
In Israel and overseas